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Eduserv Cloud Adoption Focus Group for Local Government


Where: Thistle Barbican, London
When: 6th July 2016 @ 11am – 3pm
What: Cloud Adoption Focus Group for Local Government


Practical Focus Group Discussion for Local Authorities’ IT Leaders
“Cloud Adoption Assessment: Matching Organisations Business with Cloud Services”


Flexibility, lower costs, automatic software updates and greater control. These are just some of the reasons organisations give for adopting cloud services.  So why aren’t more public sector enterprises moving to cloud services?

Discussions about cloud service adoption opportunities within public sector enterprises are often mired in debates about the pros and cons of sourcing IT services in this way.  The cloud services model, whether infrastructure, platform, or software as a service, is not necessarily a good fit for all organisations’ circumstances, nor appropriate for all use cases and categories of data.

The Cloud Adoption Assessment Focus Group will provide interesting insight for local government organisations who are considering moving to a cloud service model, and provide use cases of organisations that have successfully assessed their cloud readiness and begun their journey to the cloud. 

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Agenda for the Day


11am – 11.15am | Arrival, Registration and Coffee

11.15am – 11.30am | Introduction and Opening


  • Becoming An Intelligent Consumer of Cloud Services

    Momentum for the adoption of cloud services continues to grow in the public sector as services mature and agencies experience in buying and using cloud services grows.  As agencies steadily incorporate various cloud components into their environment, it is clear that public sector organisations are starting to realise the benefits of cloud.  In fact if one where creating a “greenfield” service, “in the cloud” would be the default approach.  However the reality is that most institutions are not in this position.  Most have to manage a legacy environment that comprises aging technology, duplicate, inefficient and inconsistent business processes.  Developing and implementing a staged migration to cloud will be pivotal when determining whether the “as-a-service” promise facilitates innovation or undermines organisational integrity

  • Chris Pennell, Practice Leader, Public Sector Technology, Ovum 


11.30am – 12.00pm | An Adur and Worthing Councils Case Study Presentation


  • Planning Your Cloud Strategy: Adur and Worthing Councils


    How do you assess your organisations readiness to move to the cloud and adopt new platforms drive business change? Paul Brewer from Adur and Worthing Councils will be sharing how they evaluated whether cloud was right for them,  the talk will cover how they evaluated the benefits, costs and risks of moving to the cloud, and how they used this assessment to support and build their cloud strategy.

    Paul Brewer, Director for Digital & Resources at Adur & Worthing Council.

12.00pm – 12.30pm | Eduserv presentation

12.30pm – 13.00pm | Lunch

13.00pm – 15.00pm | Focus Group Discussion, moderated by Chris Pennell, Practice Leader, Public Sector Technology, Ovum 


  • Making cloud work for the business: discussion about building the business case for cloud then delivering to meet expectations and ambitions. CxOs need to learn about cloud computing technology as much as CIOs need to put cloud adoption in the context of business, not just IT, transformation
  • Relationship with Cloud service providers: what works, what needs to improve – on both sides
  • Public or Private clouds: Private clouds are winning out but does this mean there is no place for public or hybrid clouds in the public sector?
  • Multimodel IT: discussion about moving from viewing applications as simply cloud or legacy. Most fit somewhere in the middle of the legacy to cloud continuum rather than at the extremes.

15.00pm – 15.15pm | Close of the day

  • Discuss & achieve practical outcomes with your peers in a close – knit group working group! 

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